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The presale for the 4 days of theater Festival incl. Camping is over. There will be no tickets available on-site for the whole weekend except day tickets.

Day Tickets

There will be day tickets available on-site - Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can stay for one day without car and big luggage for 20 Euros per Person and experience one day of the at.tension Festival. You have to leave the Festival area after the program ends on the same day.


We are going to open our gates and the entry on Thursday September 5ths at 3pm - please don´t arrive before because you might spend your time for no reason in a traffic jam and the entry will not be open before this time.


Children who have turned 13 have to pay the full price (that means from the 13th birthday on). All children under the age of 13 do not have to pay.

Is the at.tension accessible?

Generally all grounds have level access – since we are on an old airport all lanes can be passed without problems i.e. with a wheel chair. If the weather is bad or the ground is a little bit hightened you can always count on some helping hands helping you to get by.

Owners of a pass for severely disabled / handicaped person need a ticket but their attendant has free entry.


Don´t hesitate to contact us with any further questions and clarifications via tickets(ät)