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To experience theatre differently

Dear at.tension#5 audience and participators, dear interested and curious folks, dear everyone who would like to join us.

For such a long time we have not given any sign from our side and on our website happened even less. Of course, that doesn’t mean we went on a never-ending holiday or the at.tension#5 is not going to be staged. The opposite will be the case! The at.tension#5 is waiting in the starting blocks! The at.tension#5 is going to happen like every second year! This means you should mark your calendar in a catchy red from the 5th to the 8th of September.  

This year we expand the program to four days for the first time. The program will start on the late Thursday afternoon. We are excited to introduce you to a different kind of theatre experience at the Kulturkosmos. 

Nevertheless, you will only notice the enlargement of days in the price of the 4-days-ticket: You are asked to pay 50€ (camping already included) for the whole festival. The prices for the one-day-tickets (20€) stay the same as in the years before. 

Concerning the schedule we stay fractious and experimental: Like you may already expect we are more fascinated by widespread International Theatre, Nouveau Cirque and other theatre forms beyond established viewing habits. We don’t want to force you to yawn while sitting in the audience of a conventional frontal play. In the last one and a half years we have traveled far to pick the best tasting raisins out of the international Theatre landscape. We sent out a lot of invitations all over Europe and we already know that the schedule of our current issue of the festival will be as pompous and diverse as never ever before! Before everything is safe there is still some work to do but we will keep you up-to-date from now on ...