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Alois Nebel - Leben nach Fahrplan

On-going Exhibition, Datscha

In the end of the 80s the lonely train dispatcher Alois Nebel works at a small railway station in Bílý Potok, a small, outlying village close to the Czechoslovak-Polish border – the former “Sudetenland”. The locomotive is his enemy like his grandfather and father.

Nebel is a loner who favours collecting old timetables over the company of people. But sometimes the fog lies across the railway station. Then he sees trains with ghosts and shadows out of the dark past of middle Europe: The Second World War, the dispossession of the Germans, the Soviet occupation.

"Alois Nebel" is a Czech “graphic novel”, a rough woodcut, a black and white community work of the writer Jaroslav Rudiš and the drawer and musician Jaromír 99.