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Program Guide

Al1 & Ant1 – Karaoké Electro Mécanique

Sound-installation with household appliances, Datscha

Precisely false music played on everyday life items which were turned into instruments using interfaces. Fact 1: You won’t understand how exactly it works if you didn’t study at least three semesters of computer science. Fact 2: You will still have a hell of a time. Fact 3: You can try yourself! Fact 4: You will love it – even if you’re not into karaoke, computer fiddling or ordinary household appliances at all.

From and with: Alain Chautard and Antoine Rousseau


Alte Liebe: KRIEG – Stell dir vor, er wär hier

Multimedia-based Theatre 

If war was right around us, where would you go?

If bombs destroyed the country and whole cities were turned into rubble? If your familie’s house had holes in its walls? What would you do?

With the help of a ‚Magic-Machine‘ we turn the world scenario upside down and become refugees ourselves. Europe is closed down. War rages. Egypt opens its borders and offers asylum.

But how to build up a new life? And what if you have to leave again? A visual and musical journey on the Nile. This time not as a tourist, but as a German refugee in an Arab world. With constant fear on one’s back and the authorities close on one’s heels.

From Janne Teller | Direction: Kristina Brons | Visuals: Pencil Quincy |with Digger Barnes and Stephan Möller


Association Bivouac Cie: Le rêve d’Erica

Acrobatic dream

An opera singer is warbling a counting-out rhyme and opens “Erica’s dream”. A dancing bird is announcing the upcoming competition. He invites Erica gently to become part of a fictional world full of poetry. From now on she will be accompanied by wonderful characters: Provocative and uncanny smart heads, an evil seductive shoemaker, a dreamy but unsure lover and her own scary double. This journey is also meant as a metaphor for becoming an adult and confronts Erica with her desires, her strange longings, as well as with her changing body and emotions. On the search for fulfilment, luck and becoming a woman one accompanies Erica’s dream while becoming reminiscent of one’s very own desires. The play is based on the movie of Michael Powells and the fairy tale “The red shoes” of Hans Christian Andersen. 

From and with: Cristobal Pereira Ber, Maureen Brown, Julie Jourdes, Pauline Larivière und Erwan Leguen, Benjamin Lissardy, Maryka Lissardy-Hassi,


Candlelight Dynamite: Die Bahnhofskathedrale

Live-audioplay, 45 min

The independent theatre collective “Candlelight Dynamite” is telling live audio dramas which make the audience lose track of time and space. Not a single sound or move is pre-produced – everything is developed right in the moment on stage. A combination of voices and sounds, surprising effects, objects, puppets and performance pull the audience into the story of a fireman’s odd nightmare. A journey similar to the novels of Kafka, reminding us of the absurdity of financial accounting and capitalist desires.

Nadine Geyersbach, Denis Geyersbach, Lorenz Liebold. Directed by: Cornelia Schäfer


cie. humains gauches: Kalash et Moumoute

Performance, 30 min

A spectacle for two clowns, a dog leash, a gun, a wedding dress, two bottles of champagne, 4kg rice, 80 cl urine, quite a lot lip stick and even more cold sweat. The two protagonists celebrate a furious wedding and let us join the not always uncomplicated relationship. A dirty, gruesome and extremely funny disaster, which comes along with a very special humour. The play is closer to the lifestyle of vagrants than a stage world. 

From and with: Olivier Papuchon and Hélène Vieilletoile


cieLaroque: esnes.n.on2

Danceperformance, 60 min

Three people meet randomly at an Indian railway station, trying to escape the banality of everyday life. While staggering through foolishness they find themselves in a labyrinth of nonsense.  

Dear spectators!

Be vigilant and observe attentively!
You might meet a murder during the evening. 
Take part in a journey with an uncertain ending. 
Enjoy the evening and decide for yourself.  

From and with: Yuri Korec, Viviana Escalé, Vladislav Soltys and Helene Weinzierl


Cie. Monkey Style: Babylloon

Performance, 30 min

Cautchouk is the material of this clown. Colourful balloons in different sizes and forms are his fetish, his obsession. With his heartrending exorbitance he takes the audience by storm. He dives into the balloon, looking outside. He plays with the balloon as if it was an instrument – whimsical and roguishly. He plays with the balloons as well as with the reactions of the audience. 

All these unlimited artistic possibilities used as forms of ingenuity, strength, fleetingness and humoristic weapons. Are you ready for going into a playful battle? 

From and with: Gabriel Aguiar Romay


Das Helmi: Planet der Affen

Pupped Theatre/ Dance

The astronaut Taylor crashes with his space shuttle and his crew onto an unknown planet. In a very bad mood he crawls out of the wreck and sets out to find something to eat. He comes along wild people who cannot speak and seem to be on a lower development level. They welcome the astronaut warmly. But suddenly he is confronted with armed attackers. Monkeys are the rulers at this planet and treat human beings like animals and slaves…

With funds of the puppet theatre and expressive dance we take a trip to a parallel universe named planet of the monkeys, where in a good tempered and grotesque way the dream of the supposed true and male hero and his meaning for the human species shall be explored. 

Lies the future in the hands of the monkeys? And if so, what can prevent them from repeating human history? 

From and with: Florian and Felix Loycke, Brian Morrow and Emir Tebatebai 


Dekollektiv: Das Kabarett der guten Wünsche

Mobile Theatre

A vendor’s tray-theatre opens its stage for poetry and speculations over dreams and realities. Of course, there is also space for gambling with unfulfilled dreams. The cabaret of desires wanders around the festival grounds and will find you whenever you need it…


Dekollektiv: Weiße Nacht

Mobile Puppet Theatre, 12 min and a liquor

“The certain prospect of death could sweeten every life with a precious and fragrant drop of levity.”


One barkeeper, two guests, one dancer and 2cl of levity… and there you go: Splendid liquor-visions from your favourite vendor’s tray-bar.

From and with: Pauline Drünert


Diallèle: Le Mécano de la Général

Silent movie Live-Soundtrack, 75 min

The film classics “The General” of Buster Keaton from 1926 seems to be as fresh, magic and new as 

in its year of release. The trio “Diallèle” from Poitiers has committed to present progressive rocking jazz in pure form. The classical cast breathes new colourfulness into a black and white classic. Three roughnecks fraternize with the main character Jonnie Gray and accompany him acoustically on his search for his kidnapped locomotive “General”. With unbelievable perseverance, humour and ingenuity it is possible for Gray to get back to the locomotive and his long lost love Annabelle Lee. 

“Diallèle” will conquer your heart immediately. 


Emilie Olivier: „K” Monologe eines Clowns

Theatre, 50 min

According to the diaries of Kafka

“K” is neither a circus clown nor a children’s clown. First and foremost this K clown is a female being that operates with a literary text. She talks with a scratchy humour while referring very gently to our inner riots and essential obsessions: Who are we? Who created our specie? Who do we want to be? 

“K” writes, meditates, swears: Oh, the ancestors, oh, the education, oh, the society. Ah! She sighs. She blathers. She tries to escape from her memory and moves into a clown-like dance to free herself. The monologue resembles an initiation ceremony leading into a fundamental transformation.

From and with: Emilie Olvier


Fil: Die Fil - Show

Riot-Comedy (loving and naughty), 60 min

For more than 20 years Fil delights us with his ideas, his thought- and stage-figures – or as he calls them “characters” and their tremendous power of speech: Fil, the voice of Berlin, the cool fella from satellite town, Satan’s singer songwriter, has assembled the very best from 20 years of stage program. With over 100 self written songs and poems Fil has produced in the last years this program is a must and a happy reunion for long-term fans and newbies!


Flunkerproduktionen: Der Tod und das Mädchen

Franz Schubert Streichquartett Nr. 14 d-moll für Streichquartett,
Theater und Figuren, 75 min

On the search of a never heard sound, musicians, actors and spectators dare to seek on unknown terrain, fragile and sketching, always orbiting and questioning the motif of Vanitas. The death and the girl appear in always-new game modes of antagonistic pairings: As body-art artist and muse, as skeleton and meat, as an old man and young woman, as an entertainer and a showgirl, as puppet and human being. An emotional ghost ride begins, a monstrous prism in an eternal loop of becoming and passing away, an intensive approach to the inexplicable. Here it is never clear who leads whom: A dance of death in the truest sense of the word. 

From and with: Boje, Karina Bellmann, Oleksandr Bersutskyy, Claudia Engel, Michael Hiemke, Hendrik Mannes, Katrin Meingast, Katharina Müller, Uta Maria Lempert und Matthias Ludwig 

Website and Trailer:

Frau Kraushaar: Baumitar-ism

Theater, Performance, Audioplay, Exhibition

A distinction in terms of art is not a matter for Miss Kraushaar. Why even… In “Baumitar-ism” she creates the character “Baumi” or “Great Baumi” as allegory for different topics like critique of capitalism, environmental protection or transmission of language. The title “Baumitar-ism” reveals already the hint; “Baumi” is the “magic leader” who bearing the doctrine which will bring light into darkness. Thesis: After it is proven that we cannot understand how language is the source of all misunderstandings and the ruling system has deficiencies, we must seek for an alternative solution. Humanity is obsolete and Miss Kraushaar proposes to crown “Baumi” the leader… 

From and with: Silvia Berger


Hamster Damm: Fluchtkunst

Mobile Sauna

“Fluchtkunst” is a wheeled laboratory of art whose heart is a sauna for up to 16 people. Wellness within public spaces comes along with art, performance and discreet DJ-Sets. Here you find audio plays drama while sweating, Vinyl while enjoying. And if you feel like a small drink we can make it happen! Heavenly. 


Henk: Cleosponsex Imberium

Installation at Shower Tower

Already the old Egyptians loved it to wash themselves. To search for the ultimate experience of hygiene is as old as humanity. Inspired by the washing rituals of the Romans, “Cleosponsex Imberium” makes it possible! Their device: The customer is farao! It’s also going to be raunc

HipSick Unusual Theatre: HipSicknatus Monstrosus

Non-verbal technoid Movement-theatre

They look like normal people – but what is happening behind closed curtains? Do we get involved into unknown passions or do we look away? In this exhibition of human abysses we get confronted with six characters, who slowly but steadily develop arousal and tend to get carried away by it. The stage design is structured in an uncomplicated way, bleak, everything in sepia.


Jana Korb: Vintage! Women! Variete!

Acrobatic time travel, 60 min 

By joining us you will find answers of all the questions from whom you suffered for ages: Why wouldn’t Tilly Bebe get eaten by her lion? Why did Lillian Leitzel always pass out after her aerial acrobatics? Why did Trixie Fischke juggle in high heels despite her fear of heights? Who used to be stronger? Kätchen Brumbach or her husband? Why had Paula Busch to translate Homer? And most of all, who was Paula Busch anyways? How did female acrobats life? Were they allowed to go out by night time? It is hard to find another professional world where women were treated as equals that early. All kinds of roles were represented! Female artists lived and worked as how it was impossible for middle-class woman of the 19th century. With their clothes, appearance and performance they broke all laws of the alleged femininity. And even then, the life as an artist was certainly not a cakewalk!

From and with: Dafne Delamar, Anja Geßenhardt, Jana Korb and Christiane Wiegand


kallebreta: .Kuscheltier vs Barbie.

Live-Comic, 20 min

At night, when everybody is asleep, the stuffed animal Kallebreta awakes in the children’s room. The initial joy of the recovered freedom of voice and movement quickly gives way to cruel fright: The soft toy is covered with wounds. It gets neglected. That can only mean that another toy is favoured… Possibly, it is the new Barbie. Let the fight begin... 

“Kuscheltier vs. Barbie” is a critical-comical play about all the aspects of questionable ideals of beauty which already have taken power in a lot of children’s rooms. The play uses styles of the 90s from „Wrestling“, „Mario Brothers“ to „Mentos“-commercial. Are you critical enough?

From and with: Friederike Becker


KollektivArtesMobiles: square land

Non-verbale Movingtheater and Mapping, 120 min

“square land” is a Persiflage on replaceability of the individual in our consumer society. It counts not the character any more, but its replaceable function in the system of mass production. Six characters are acting in two hierarchic worlds, which seem to be dependent on one another. In contrast to the colourful shimmering world of the gambling in television, we find the monotony of the work at an assembly line. Space for emotions and humanity only exists within the dream world into which the characters escape. The scenery of the assembly line is similar to a video game. There are different levels of difficulty that must be managed, but that doesn’t change anything on the monotony of the work. 

The participators of a game show enjoy it to be a star for one night, to be the better one and shine in the spotlight. They lead the workers – their avatars – without being aware of their humanity. The connection is only rooted in the system, not on a social level. 

From and with: Laura Friedrich, Henne Fritze, Daviz García García, Elias Liermann, Tom Lux, Hannah Maneck, Birk Schmithüsen, Nina Maria Stemberger, Franzi Wegner, Katharina Titze, Monic Westphal


La Chouing: Ainsi soit-il!

Macabres Theater, 45 min

Three brothers pay homage to their deceased father, the clown Kiki, by exhibiting his totem on the marketplace. This grotesque ceremony turns into a likewise funny and sad spectacle in which the three sons, despite all, also clowns, carry on the legacy of the humorous father. They want to settle and also enjoy the absence of their father, but soon they realize the enormous whole he has left. 

From and with: Alain Bourderon, Luc Costa und Julien Lett


La Compagnie Popul’Art: Le Cinema Dynamique Artisanal & La famille Detritos

Showman-Spektakel / Side-Show / Performance 

Directly dropped out of the 80s, the Detritos are quite odd figures. All the time, they drive with their fairground spectacle, the “Cinéma Dynamique”, which is a combination of a bone slingshot and film projections, from town to town. Once waiting in line you will be accompanied by Jean-Louis, Gigi and Marie-Jo until you enter the fearsome arena. Your family and friends are looking fearful and a small shiver of paralysis comes across you. Kevin and JC will join you during your last section. 

You get lifted in the air, feeling dizzy: Sky, ground, sky, ground – all at the same time. For once, here you will get everything you were promised!

From and with: Estelle Balmes, Romain Boidé, Gaëlle Cerisier, Sébastien Chabert, Angèle Hedeline, Daniel Lawless


La Mini Compagnie: Enivrez-vous!

Acrobatic Play,  40 min 

Three acrobats, one accordion player, tea, a small table, three chairs, some cups, poetry, some bottles of wine (preferably red wine) and a pinch of fickleness are necessary to cook this excellent acrobatic fable. With touching exuberance, circus and music are mixed in a subtly way, four buddies delineate the subject of intoxication, inspired by Charles Baudelaire. Get drunk on poetry, melody and acrobatics! Because during the intoxication everything is weightless at last: “In order to not be tortured slaves of the time, intoxicate yourself, intoxicate yourself without an end; with wine, poetry or virtue, whatever you want to.” 

From and with: Baptiste Abraham, Bernard Bonnet, Lise Cluzaud und Julien Vieillard


Le Cubitus du Manchot: Ballet Manchot

Acrobatic-music spectacle, 80 min

Ballet Manchot: [mɑ̃ʃo], 1. [zool.] Penguin, dance of the penguins, mating ritual. What looks pretty cute in nature, is also quite droll in the arena. The difference is that a rock band accompanies the dance formation. Otherwise, hardly any acrobatic discipline is omitted. You have not seen these penguins yet! 

2.[bandit manchot],armed bandit. The interaction out of acrobatics full of suspense, flying people and a  band rocking to sweat, is criminal in fact. Hoewever, whether all acrobats and musicians still have both of their arms, you have to convince yourself. Come over and become an accomplice!

From and with: Cécile Berthomier, Janju Bonzon, Pierre-Jean Bréaud , Johann Candoré, Charlie Denat, Justine Desprez, Nolwenn Donnet, Descartes Julie Garnier, Cyril Gilibert, Yann Grall, Claire Guillet, Fitou Jebejian, Kevin Laval, Julien Monin, Olivier Trapon u.v.a.


Les Maladroits: Prises Multiples

Non-verbal Theatre of Objects

During the everyday-life of a company, where the productivity determines the rhythm of the day, the reason of existing for the four characters is limited by their work. As an employee of an unpredictable employer they fulfil their tasks under his hectic and fussy supervision. They are human automats that move in small boxes where they are alien to their own existence. Will they manage to set up a room of freedom and to transform the company into a playground, using scotch tape, cardboard boxes and packaging? A funny and emotional play between a mechanic world and a poetic universe. 

From and with: Yann Antigny, Simon Beillevaire, Benoit Canteteau, Grégory Gaudin, Pauline Rumen


Les pilleurs d’Épaves / Madame Suzie: Présents

Visuel Theater, 80 min 

“Présents” is the introduction to a journey of vagabunts to the contemporary jungle. At the interface between music, theatre and contemporary circus the “Pilleurs d’épaves” experiment with language, live music, masks, puppets, paintings, objects, dance, shadow- and lightplay, to tear the audience out of the fast-paced bustle of our society. An image of the current world will be projected that intents to show it’s vibrant, dense confusing, funny or dramatic side. “Présents” is an odyseey through a storm of consciousness, virtuosic melodies and graphical metaphors by the currents of our time out of water, blood, oil, ideas, information and moving people. In the interplay of contrasts and absurdities the substance of laughs and dreams thrives between tragedy, comedy and poetry. Welcome to the staged chaos of the current world in the land of empathetic and inquiries for sense and meaning.

From and with: Sylvain Colas, Marie Faure, Andrés Tapia Fernandez, Sébastien Gazull, David Humeau, Jeannick Launay, Morgane"Momette" Marqué, Vincent Saout, , Daniel Trutet


Los Galindos: Maiurta

Acrobatic circus with Live-Music, 40 min

The smell of fermenting yeast and dusty flour invites to discover the roots of the family of an eccentric clown and acrobat. This is going to be a personal and artistic journey into the history of a family who has worked in the field of bakeries for a very long time. The clown and his companions impress with juggling and trapeze artistry. A poetic circus with enchanting musical background to take the audience to the point where it all began.

Script: Marcel Escolano | Musical creation: Marc Vila | Direction: Bet Garrell | Design of the performance area and staging: Los Galindos Assembly and lighting technician: Nathan Wallace | Costumes: Perturbado de Ponzoña | Props: Txell Janot | Mobile stage scenery: Helios

Ring: Antigua i Barbuda, Sebas Kifer i Txell Janot | Lighting: Los Galindos - Sound: Marc Vila | Yurt builder: Raphaël Gacon Wenger | Photos: Jordi Bover i Maya Takeuchi | Video: Jordi Teixidor | Graphic design: Jordi Santamaria


Matte und Carmen: LichtesDunkel

Physical Theatre, Juggling, Acrobatic, 60 min

A fantastic world in which the shadows of a juggler acquire their own physicality. Juggling objects defy gravity or leave rhythmic sound tracks, while the shadow evaporates into the air, playing with towels and ropes. A play, a parable about leadership and obedience. The magical connection between the characters creates special encounters and goose bumbs in places where you didn’t expect to get any.  

From and with: Matthias Buhrow und Carmen Raffaela Küster


Melanie Schmidli: Marielle die Ehrjungfrau


In her Soloperformance Melanie Schmidli sends her Alter Ego Marielle on a trip to become a human being, to track the dictatorship of female identity and to find out about the potential of a passionate identification. Starting material is the popular animated Disneyfim “Arielle, the little mermaid”, in which the protagonist wants nothing more than to become a human being and to have legs. Our Marielle has a dream: An own tail – green, scaly, with two fins. She wants to leave the surface to get away from her life, her body and she is keen to pay the price for this obsession. The dream of a girl becomes more and more a nightmare. In the middle of this colourful musical world also appear the mythical foremothers of the red-headed cartoon beauty: Cruel, deadly, bearded mermaids, half human, half animal. A grotesque theatre performance with electronic and acoustic live music and a phenomenal crab takes its course. 

From and with: Melanie Schmidli, Christoph Wirth, Clementine Pohl



Merlin Puppet Theatre: Clowns Houses

Puppet Theatre,  min. age 15, 60 min

A house, five apartments and six main characters, all of them tragicomic personalities. All of them have miserable lives that they do not fear to lose but that they are afraid of to live. The spectators are watching the conventional life in a dark, claustrophobic settings and consider their fears, manias and loneliness. These states of mind are dramatized in the density of the game and demonized so long until they get punished and freed in a very brutal way. 

Also, this is no existential analysis. Simple, modern forms of life in their current shapes are staged. Through the dark rooms in “Clowns Houses” the loneliness of the modern human is issued. Prison related homes, people caught up in their routines and habits, far away from their dreams. 

From and with: Dimitris Stamou and Demy Papada


Nö Theater Köln: V wie Verfassungsschutz

(theatralische) Realsatire, 100 min

What is this “Constitutional Protection”, what is it doing and do we actually need it at all? Referring to the statistics of the Constitutional Protection three-quarters of the German citizens answered this question with “Yes”. The nö-theatre from Cologne contrasts this with a clear “Nope!”. Based on intensive questionnaires, observations and research the collective developed the political satire “V wie Verfassungsschutz”. 

The involvement of the German domestic intelligence agency with the NSU will be staged as well as the “five most embarrassing situations for the Constitutional Protection”, in addition to mishaps with prostitution like V-man practices. The Theatre collective raises it’s voice for us and shouts out loud: V for Cover-up (Vertuschung), V for Despair (Verzweiflung), V for Failure (Versagen). 

From and with: Talke Blaser, Felix Höfner, Asta Nechajute, Janosch Roloff


Peter Trabner: Performance to go

Multiple Performances

With a backpack full of folding rules Peter Trabner wanders about the Kulturkosmos premises and builds stages in different sizes at places he likes. He also has a stopwatch in his luggage. You can talk to him (anytime?) unless he is quicker than you. And when you get into conversation with him you can influence the Performance: an area (from 0,5m² to 40m²) and the time (from 0,1 Sek to 5 Min) – these are the coordinates. Do you join the game?  

From and with: Peter Trabner


Pilotinnen: Kindheitstraum im Größenwahn

Dance, Musicproduction, 50 min

With their voices, bodies, a loop station and a tent the artistic duo explores the sky as well as internal spaces and their boundaries. They dream about flying freely, get sucked into virtual worlds, wrestle with the gravity and make their way to encounter themselves. The play finds a touching way to connect contemporary dance performance and atmospheric live music. The arrangement of the music full of fine details and sounds created directly on stage. Sometimes grotesque, sometimes full of passion “Pilotinnen” is a play about humanity in general. Katharina Wunderlich and Lina Fai are fiddling in between flight and crash. They tremble, trying to rise, sweeping in tango steps on the stage and pry the horizon. Ready for take off? – Permission granted!

From and with: Lina Fai and Katharina Wunderlich


Ponyhof Produktion: JoJo - Videotanzmärchen


Jorinde and Joringel are a twosome. They dream about a future together. But Joringel sets forth to new paths. The magic combination of video, dance and music will capture you. Immediat. Intensive. Enchanting…

Produktion: Kay Kastner, Julia Förster, Vanessa Puschmann | Video, Musik: Kay Kastner | Kostüm, Maske: Vanessa Puschmann | mit: Julia Förster, Rodolfo P.P. da Silva, Irineu Marcovecc

Roadside Company: Radiant Projekt

Site-Specific Performance

The Australian Performance artist Adam Read and his company transform space into a “dangerous zone”. With the help of lights, sound and installation, Adam Read stages in a spectacular way a morbid post-aopcalyptic place. The play is an adaptation of the famous film “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkowski and lures visitors into the spell of a Russian real-science-fiction. With extraordinary attention to detail “Radiant” designs a trashy cabinet of figures with Soviet charm and shrill grotesque. The “Zone” is “Room of desires” – a place of dark magic and wonder. 

To go to this place means, if you believe the legend, the most secret, most heartfelt wishes come true. The place, already locked for the general public and attracting treasure hunters, soldiers and scientists, already claimed numerous victims. Adam Read asks the question: “What does it mean to be a human being?”


Sara Hasenbrink: OpheliaMaschine

Theatre, 25 min

I am not Hamlet./ He was a man./ Took everything from everyone./ His name is exchangeable.///

I am not Ophelia./ I am not playing a role./ Not the woman on the gallows./ Not the one with her head in the gas stove.

From and with: Paulina Almeida, Sara Hasenbrink

Sleepwalk Collective: As the flames rosed we danced to the sirens the sirens

Performance, 35 min

iara is beginning to fear the worst. She’s on the search for a room full of strangers, in whose arms she could sink into. She knows she cannot rely on finding these arms and she could be judged as somebody in need of help, if she trusts in the safety of your hands tonight. A performance full of disturbing intimacy and drunken excesses that is played completely in miniature. It is about you. And about me. And about the strange, sometimes frightening, connection that grows between us. 

From and with: iara Solano Arana, Sammy Metcalfe, Esme Squalor


Technology & Tango

Performativer Tanz

Do. 21 Uhr / Fr. 19 Uhr ; Cabaret

A body morphs into a Violin. With every hug arises a tone. How different do bodies sound? Here you see transformations from Tango dancers into instruments – from dancing partners to Violin players. A poetic play about the sound of physical closeness.

From and with: Alma Edelstein, Patricio Zarazaga

Theater Titanick: Sonnambulo

Theatre of images, 80 – 100 min

„Sonnambulo“ means Sleepwalker – and this is how the spectator feels when he dives into a dream world that is staged by “Theatre Titanick”. The Kulturkosmos becomes a venue for a scenario that mixes illusion and reality and lets associations about paradise and hell clash. Inspired by the visions of medieval times similar to the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch or in the “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri, diverse dream sequences develop, flicker and vanish. The spectator is on a voyage of discovery through the park and gets drawn into a transient, peculiar world in which everything you see transforms into the opposite: Something nice turns out to be ugly, good-natured to malicious, funny to sad or vice versa. The place is filled with sensual situations that want to be discovered: Images and actions like fleeting, hard to catch, dream sequences. 

From and with:  André Böhm, Michael Hain, Clair Howells, Uwe Köhler, Georg Lennarz, Gundolf Nandico, Marie Nandico, Thomas Kuhnert, Raschid Sidgi, Matthias Stein, Rahel Valdiviéso


Theatergroep de Jongens: Trap

Slapstick and Performance

Everything good comes from above! 

The human being aims for the things atop: be it in love, believe, work or during War. Things we want to reach are on top of our lists. The sky is the limit. “King of the hill” and “feeling on top of the world”. “Trap” is about reaching the unreachable. The always-existing desire for the above. De Jonges have found their way to get on top: The Trap. An idea which is solid and old. Means for the purpose: The goals, which we set ourselves are different from each other, but the work that is needed to reach them connects us. Everyone has something to aim for. Downstairs or upstairs. Step by step. Or six steps at a time?

From and with: Jan-Joost Alberts, Mats Boswijk, Taco van Dijk and Maarten Smit


Theatre du Pain: Urlaub vom Trauma


Mr Sch. and Mr T. are fine. They’ve spent some time abroad, enjoy operas, particularly the short ones and they own not completely unfashionable swimsuits, beamer, hand blenders for smoothies and mattresses in a good quality. They are benevolent towards the North Korean citizens and they always behave well. Of course, they conceal the chronic indigestion, the prolapsed L5 S1, the high blood pressure and the heart rhythm disturbances. Mr Sch. and Mr T. do not know where the trip is going to. Sometimes they have their theories and then they say the others also don’t know. Mr Sch. and Mr T. have their functions in life. Their functions influence their lives and not vice versa. Their problems are not their fears for death, poverty and loneliness. Their problem is the feeling that they don’t exist beyond their function that someone who could seek for them once upon a time, will find nothing. 

From and with: Hans König, Mateng Pollkläsener, Wolfgang Suchner


Tom Dale Company: Refugees of the septic heart

Dance and Projection

“Refugees of the septic heart” reflects the heartbeat, which stands on the threshold of change of a nation. Six philosophic and provocative dancers seeking for a society freed from greed, manipulation and control. Physicality and decaying urban sounds with a quite optimistic undertone are developing in a mischievous and spirited way into irrepressible movement. Inspired by the undulating rhythms of the music producer Shackleton, we will listen to percussion and hypnotic melodies, digital animations of Barrert Hodgson, the spoken word of Vengeance Tenfold and Dale. We will be stunned by the inventive choreography in a celebration of visuals, movement and music.

From and with: Tom Dale, Liam Fahey, Barret Hodgson, Rick Holland, Michael Kelland, Ariadna Girones Mata, Maria Olga Palliani, John Ross, Sam Shackleton, Rachel Shipp, Joshua Smith, Hugh Stainer, Claire Summerfield, Kate Unwin


Two Fish: Halt mir meinen Platz frei, bis ich anders wieder da bin


Angela Schubot and Martin Clausen explore, as monstrous ghost lights, as hybrids - half man, half woman - the possibilities of upheavals and change. The disappearance and change of emotions, bodies and thoughts seems to be found at transition spaces. While trying to get into this in-between, “Two Fish” decomposes language and movement into fragments. Oscillating bodies as a medium between human being and landscape, subject and object, negotiating possibilities and impossibilities of change: fictional influence, a too long wait, intervention at the wrong time. Angela Schubot and Martin Clausen let their views clash and switch their levels of human abysses without any verbal comment. 

From and with: Maxi Alker, Ketan Bhatti, Martin Clausen, Hannes Hüfken, Nicolas de Leval Jezierski, Sven Mücke, Angela Schubot, Nikolas Tillmann, Milian Vogel,


Wolfsbühne: 12 Gebote


What if Adam was the first to take a bite of the apple and Eva throws him out of paradise? In this play, paradise in the fake world of facebook. Adam is going to be locked away and encounters during his imprisonment the twelve commandments. All of a sudden he is healed from all his constraints and his craving for recognition. Now he doesn’t want to go back. Main topic is hell in the context of paradise. Before the play begins the audience must go through a confession. Every bad confession gets a discount. 

From and with: Sonja Amina Chatterjee, Gregor von Holdt,Elsa Loy, Roberto Permanentausstellung, Julia Swiech, Rainer Werner Maria Wolf, Adrian Zwicker

Website: www.wolfsbü