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How does the ticket pre sale work?

The at.tension tickets have a limited amount of 6000. A Festival Ticket costs 65 Euros per person. Children till the age of 12 (13th birthday) don´t have to purchase a Festival ticket. After two pre sales at the beginning of June and middle of July all Festival tickets are sold out. Unfortunately there will be no more tickets available. All cancelled and unpaid tickets will be given to our volunteers.


How do I receive my paid tickets?

The ticket pre-sale for the at.tension will be processed via paid etickst as PDF  documents. The advantage being that tickets can´t be lost beforehand or  remain on the kitchen table while you are on your way and we only need  to „collect“ some data – because you simply had to submit your first- and last name and your email address.
We will provide you with a download for  the eticket between 08/24/2015 and 08/26/2015. If you deleted the link to your ticket account from your order confirmation by accident, we will send you a new one in this period. Even if you ordered more than one ticket in your order you don´t have to arrive together because there will be a single PDF for every ticket you have ordered.
To avoid problems and long waiting times please print out the eticket/s because we will not be able to scan the barcode from mobile devices.


Can I cancel tickets or pass them on to somebody else?

The tickets are not personalized – if somebody from your group don´t  want to join you can take another friend instead of him/her. Please play fair and only give the tickets to your friends for the original price. Selling overpriced tickets tramples on the voluntary involvement of the whole at.tension team. The possibility to cancel tickets ended at 08/23/2015.

Will there be day tickets available?

At.tension #6 tickets are only available as a weekend experience. Unfortunately all the tickets are already sold out and won´t be available at the door. That means if you were not lucky and couldn´t snatch a ticket in the pre sale you won´t be able to attend the Festival. In short: please don´t arrive and try to get in – it will not be possible. Even if it was somehow easy to get in the past years we won´t have this last minute possibility anymore.The lavishly plans for the programming and avoidance of long waiting queues and sad faces because of crowded queues in front of limited performances can only be avoided by the strict limitation of ticket numbers.