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To experience theatre differently

Dear at.tension#6 lovers!

It’s been a while since we last got in touch and showed any signs of life. But rest assured, our lack of communication is much like the eye of the storm. Things may have seemed calm where you are, but here we’ve been caught up in a flurry of activity preparing the sixth edition of your favourite theatre festival!

The idea to extend the festival to four days worked out well last time and so we’ve decided to do the same again this year. We’ll be raising the anchor and setting sail for new horizons in theatre, nouveau cirque, performance and dance from 3 to 6 September – so save the date or you’ll be left behind!

The four-day at.tension pass will be somewhat more expensive this time at €65. Children up to the age of 12 are still welcome to come for free though. Ticket sales will start at the end of May and will be sold exclusively on this website.

Day passes will only be available for the Saturday and Sunday of this edition of the festival and only for people from the region "Mecklenburg Vorpommern". They’ll be available at the festival entrance at a cost of €20.

The at.tension aficiaonados among you will no doubt be wondering what we have done to sort out the queuing problem. We’ve put a lot of thought into this and now have a solution that should go a long way to improving the situation. First of all, we’ve been to a lot of other theatre festivals and have found lots of great plays and performances that can take place outside without any limitations on numbers. You can just head on over, watch and enjoy!

Secondly, the four-day pass will now come with guaranteed places for performances with limited seats. As soon as you receive your programme, you’ll find out which plays this applies to. You can then decide which times suit you for what performances and pick up tickets from the ticket booth. At this sixth edition of at.tension there’ll again be several plays that take place in complete darkness and therefore require an intimate space with only a few spectators, as well as others that for various reasons have to take place inside.

And what we’re really excited about now is you: inside and outside, with lots of sun and lots of enthusiasm, enjoying seeing artists from near and far, on trapezes, with props or just with nothing at all!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

The at.tension crew