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Theater & Performance

Analogtheater: „LULU - Ein deutscher Traum“

Performative theatre | 90 minutes

By and with: Dorothea Förtsch, Giovanna Gilges, Lisa Heck, Lara Pietjou, Daniel Schüssler, Ingmar Skrinjar, Heidulf Sudmöller and Tomasso Tessitori

In „Lulu – a German dream“ reduction is the stylistic device of the performance and theatre group ANALOG. The piece by Wedekind, originally written for 18 characters, is cut down for only 4 people. It is about the research of identity and freedom, the tireless conflict of individuals in the definite belief that a better world is possible.

Astuce et compagnie: „Le roi sans tête“

Multimedia theatre | France 

By and with: Yves-Marie Gillardeau, Mokhtar El Mokhtari, Bruno Ométak, Sylvain Praud and Rémy Viville

Narcissistic and cocky – this king doesn't shrink back from much, even children's manpower is exploited. One day he orders one of his subalterns to invade a neighbouring country. He refuses, gets caught in prison and finally is beheaded. In his vanity the king commands his loyal servant to bring the head to the country from where nobody ever returned. 

The show with its impressive stage setting invites to an exciting expedition: everything what is played on stage will be visualized as a film on a huge screen. Technique will be transformed into magic.

Bängditos Theater: „Johnny's Stuntshow“

Action theatre | 40 minutes

By and with: Olivier Capelier, Tom Lanzki and Nailor Holmsten

 Live from Las Vegas „Johnny's Stuntshow“ - breathtaking stunts, burning wheels, a daredevil stuntman. Don't miss Johnny's Stuntshow!

Unfortunately the protagonists have seen better days. The driver has become plump, his suit doesn't fit anymore and motoring isn't even his passion. The technician who always is distracted, is never on schedule, he seems to be some kind of satellite, who never lingers where he is expected. They have been dreaming of their big future for 20 years now. They both don't know more than this one stunt and even this they are not able to control. The audience is in the middle of gasoline while witnessing a furious stuntshow that exhibits everything – than a stunt.

Bruno Pilz: „Lacrimosa“

Multimedia puppet show | daily over 5 hours

By and with: Marjetka Kürner., Lillian Matzke und Bruno Pilz.

An audio-visual packet soup about life and death, about all the world and his brother. It will be served as fresh concentrate of figured theatre, spiced with modern techniques of projection and a dash of changing perspectives.



Cie. Coliflor: „salir“

Perfomance | France, Italy, Chile | 70 minutes

In the loneliness of the night – a melody interrupts... This is where the trip begins – a trip to a land of transformation, changed reminiscences and doubtful characters. With unreal and phantasmagorical ambiance a tale is narrated and accompanied with live music by acrobats, musicians and fantastic creatures.

Florian Feisel: „Höhenflüge. DER FALL IKARUS“

Power-performance | 60 Minuten

By and with: Florian Feisel, Thomas Schiffmacher, Christoph „Mäcki“ Hamann 

The stage shows a surreal construction of glass, music instruments and speakers of an old gramophone. Ikarus is not dead – that is the premise of the play. What starts with a dispute with his superior father, eventually leads Feisel’s Ikarus back to himself. Facing the conflict between requested obedience and fateful freedom, Ikarus sets out to find the fine line of genuine survival.

flunker produktionen: „Garten der Lüste“

Theatre performance | 30 Minuten

By and with: Dirk Baum.  

Three bouncing human creatures intrude into a small garden. The whole week they worked hard and now it’s time to relax, strip to the buff and indulge. The brimming life escalates and the three fatties drift from one delight to another. A luscious metaphorical language, dance and music form a clownesque play with no need for words.

GROTEST MARU: „Kohlhaas und die umkämpfte Gerechtigkeit“

Site-specific theatre after a novella by Kleist | 60 minutes

Creation: Grotest Maru. By and with: Ursula Maria Berzborn (DE), Sergio Fernandes (PT), Paulina Almeida (PT), Axel Meyer (D), Spyridon Paterakis (GR), Jakob von Recklinghausen (DE), Sergio Goni Serrano (E), Todosch Schlopsnies (DE), Philippa Hill (GB), Barbara Pradzynska (PL) and Eleonora Aira (AR/I).

What happens to the individual that gets shaken by injustice and loses its great love? We follow Kohlhaas through pain, despair, anger and insanity to the double-edged completion of his deepest wish… 

But can justice actually be reached? Does the end justify the means? And if everyone is against you, will you stick to your principles? Doesn’t the good life count more than some abstract principles?

Grotest Maru creates theatre in public space, using picture-, object-, and physical-theatre, just as installation and land art.

Jonas Wüste "Schatten entspinnen"

Installation, shadow play, narration, open workshop | Schuhkarton | Fri from 18h, Sat/ Sun. from 16-22h

On spinning wheels many stories have been told and sometimes are still told. On a place where a wheel turns for ages it obtains to restore the wires of the stories to life. Spinning fairy-tales at this place: reading, listening, a playground of light and shadow. The workshop is open at every time, for everyone.

LAUTSTÄRKE IMFUNK: define Don Quijote


Concept and manifestation: LAUTSTÄRKER IMFUNK Performance

Encyclopedias define a Don Quijote as a naïve idealistic person. A junker who got mad due to excessive reading of romances – he rampages in the name of chivalric values, which never existed nor exist. He refuses to accept that the world is a foul-smelling dunghill populated by dishonourable scoundrels.

La Chouing: „Cendres"

Street-theatre | France | 45 minutes

Two brothers, dressed in white suits and in grotesque hoods, invite the public to a ceremony. To honour their mother's last will, they have to seduce the women of the audience to find a wife.

One likes pancakes and actors, the other one knows the names of all the birds.

But is it really enough to melt hearts?

After several failed attempts, the ceremonial suit gets dirty and bodies, in strange rituals, weakened. Meanwhile, the memory of the protective mother still so near. This mother who is there, so close, in a small box...

Marco Paoletti: „12 pieces of stuff“

Juggling-, video-, music-performance | Argentina, Germany |45 minutes

By and with: Marco Paoletti, Christian Kielblock and Milian Vogel

In search of new ideas for his juggling and performances, Marco Paoletti travelled all over the world. 12 pieces of stuff finally is a poetic interplay of arts as juggling, music and video. 12 different objects, which are thrown and snatched in a virtuoso way, accompanied by music and recorded by live video projections.

Masha Qrella und Tilla Kratochwil: „Brokeback Mountain“

Reading with music | 60 minutes

By and with:  Masha Qrella and Tilla Kratochwil 

Who doesn't know these apparently banal places, which are almost holy through love? In summer 1961 Brokeback Mountain becomes such a holy place for the cowboys Jack and Ennis. They live together up there for just this one summer – while they herd sheep, they explore their “lifelong” passion for each other. Even though they'll never come back to the place, they're always attached to this magic place. This outstanding narration by Annie S. Proulx is about an impossible love between America's heroes. Tilla Kratochwil as ranch assistant Ennis recounts and plays, Masha Qrella as rodeo-cowboy Jack sings and plays guitar. An evening telling about two tragic rebels of love.

My!Laika: „Popcornmachine“

35-40 minutes

The play of My!Laika can be characterised as playful fanaticism in a foreshortened electric landscape. An absurd future coexists next to an unknown past. Visual dialectics tickle the retina, resounds in ears and blows the audiences nostrils. The play reconciles itself as visual anthology and tries to fathom the weak alliance between things and its feelings. The sound of an electric guitar nestles to the music of a sewing machine. The notes of a piano accompany the pain of someone who notices the border as invincible obstacle. Laughter, applause and goosebumps are guaranteed to audience and actors in the same way. This is circus according to My!Laika.

Nike Herrberg: „Frau Dr. Gerlinde Vornüber“

Comical theatre | 30 minutes

As educationalist in peril, Mrs. Dr. Gerline Vornüber is well versed in any question of precarious structures. In her project called “circus as marginal experience” she puts current methods of education to the test: to form brave human capital from hopeless cases. She even brought her own prototype – Kevin.


Theatre-performance | 90 minutes

By and with: Harriet Maria and Peter Meining, Otmar Wagner, Ole Wulfers and Nikolaus Woernle

“It doesn't matter with whom you are going, but who accompanies you home” (Prom Night – the horror comes round midnight) – In their latest work, the Gorge Tabori laureates dedicate to the phenomenon of horror. They're analysing the genres archetypes  - werewolves and vampires. They extol the genetic lust and necessity of killing and let their selves go through melancholy and black romance. They narrate in dimensions of show of the fright to have a deficient body, of anxieties of religions and islamophobia, of paedophile beasts, of doping with the own blood and of fear of death. They satirize our fears and dark urges in a musical, ironic and philosophical way. 

Parias: „Die Welt ist ein Märchen... oder?“

Theatre of buffons |  | 110 minutes

By and with: Odile Almuneau, Caroline Cauville and Rebecca Shein

Cinderella, Snow White and the Little Red Riding Hood needed only a little help for revealing their dark side. Rather a big kick in the ass. 

Blasphemers, cynics and agitators, the buffoons enjoy dirtying the wonderful and moralist world of the fairy tales. The family, the good, the evil, the role of the gender: what is considered as "normal" in our beautiful society takes, through the interpretation of the buffoons, an other dimension, gruesomely cruel and insane. Buffoons won't be satisfied with naivety and romance. They imitate our society to destroy it better. Fairy tales are here just an excuse to play in the dust and have a good laugh about those who intend to lecture them. 

One day my prince will come. He won't be disappointed...

pink umbrella company: „camping show“

Circus, Acrobatic | Belgium, Germany | 30 minutes

By and with: David Vossen and Kaatie Akstinat

The Camping show is a hearted gaze into the splendid world of camping – this unknown parallel existence. 

It will be picked up with all its habits and little obsessions, which create the certain charm of this way of life by Helmut and Jacqueline. This camping-show combines contemporary dance, partner- and aerial acrobatics and is featured by two extraordinary characters that let the audience behold more than they had to.

Stubengott: „Hamletmaschine“

Machines-theatre | 45 minutes

By and with: Armin Hasert, Emma Juliard, Elias Macke, Andi Schelling, Robert Schirmer, Benny Schröter 

This ensemble is a stained conglomerate troupe of people, who worked on a realization of the “Hamletmaschine” by Heiner Müller. The idea of the production is, to transact the Hamlet-machine actually into a real machine; instead of depicting Hamlet's desire to be a machine straight linguistically by actors. The production is based on an interplay between video-projections and kinetic machine-bodies. The scenes are accompanied by bizarre sound-collages and poetic light-compositions. Szenen von bizarren Soundcollagen sowie poetischen Lichtkompositionen.

Teatro do Mar: „Solum“

Spectacle | Portugal | 80 minutes | Sat 24.00, Landebahn 

By and with: Julieta Aurora Santos, Carlos Campos, Luís João Mosteias, Clara Marchana, Ana Pontes, Sérgio Vieira.

SOLUM is a non-verbal multimedia street theatre performance represented in one big scenic structure resembling a tree. It blends physical and visual theatre with circus, aerial acrobatics, video and original music. SOLUM focuses essentially on human nature; it depicts the transformation of our cultural and emotional roots facing an idea of progress and globalization. From the natural to the artificial, from the real body to the digital body, from sharing to isolation, from the essential root to the present fruit, SOLUM reveals to be an allegory to the tree of life, a metaphor of universal consciousness, the strong creator of all existence.

Theatercamp Kulturkosmos: „Geschichten aus dem Neubau“

Youth-theatre | 30 minutes

With: Lisa Bugenings, Naomi , Kimberly Marlow, Sarah Rilke, Louise Tank, Yvonne Jakob, Christina Weber, Hannes and Peter Wilke, Cindy Zimmermann, Elijah Zettl.

Realization: Carolin Lindner and Nina Stemberger. 

Amélie's mother loses her employment and therefore her and her daughter have to move out of their proper house into a small flat in an urban settlement. The place is noisy, narrow, uncomfortable and boring. Until Amélie is getting in touch with Thomas, meeting old and new friends and is celebrating pyjama-parties. 11 adolescents between 12 and 16 years old, living in the region, engaged in this year's theatre-camp at the Kulturkosmos in stories around everyday-life in urban tower-buildings. Even aliens from planets of sweets and pirates of the urban settlement get their place to perform! A colourful play with elements of shadow and figure theatre, made for everyone. It is a project of Kulturkosmos Müritz, e.V.  

Ton und Kirschen Wandertheater: „König Ubu“

Magic visual-theatre| 90 minutes

By and with: Margarete Biereye, Thalia Heninger, Richard Henschel, David Johnston, Nelson Leon, Regis Gergouin, Rob Wyn Jones and Daisy Watkiss.

Ubu king, vulgar, coward and malicious, is a baroque monster: the enormous lust to crapulence, thievery and murder, which is shamelessly confessed to itself. Ubu is a laid off mutant that can be found in everyone. Acquaintance to him is always uncomfortable. You rathers follow than to combat him. With these absurd punch lines Alfred Jarry suggests that people get seduced by monstrosity that rest in them and to which they are willing to obey. Jarry oversubscribed the evil into the grotesque: where horror transforms into laughter. You can understand Jarry's Ubu as a purely grotesque figure, as play for the lust of playing, as pure balderdash. But yet Jarry reckons in the play: “what makes little people laugh, only frightens adults.”

Vagina Monologe

Play reading | 60 minutes

With: Joanna Kupnicka, My-Linh Kunst, Nancy Schwade, Nana Bardawilia, Rhada Hammoudah, Michelle Livadiotis, Sarah Klute, Rebecca Solfrian, Sharon Rose, Tricia Patrick and Silke Silk.

Women from different daily backgrounds and professional actors have come together in this unique German-English interpretation of the Vagina Monologue by Eva Ensler.

V-Day creates a wide attentiveness to the fight contra violence against women and girls, including rape, domestic violence, incest, female genital mutilation and sex slavery. With humour and a critical view the text recalls the huge privilege that the ability to create one’s life freely and self-determined still implies and that equality keeps being pure utopia in many parts of the world.

Vincent de Rooij: "BOOT" / "BOAT"

Performance | Netherlands | daily during several hours

With: Vincent de Rooij, Csilla Lakatos, Daan Mathot, Udo Akemann and Roel Goudsmit

„BOOT“/ „BOAT” takes place in an airplane, unfortunately only remains half of it. A hilarious, absurd piece with loads of spectacular and unforeseen turns. A metaphorical performance telling about extremes, about highs and lows, hope and anxiety and the illusion and delusion of faith. Constantly planting the question: And which god determines your destiny?