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The secret behind Chinawoman is Michelle, who grew up as daughter of a Kirov ballerina and an engineer from Leningrad in the Russian neighbourhood of Toronto. She performs classical European ballads poetry – decadent, dramatic and serious. The sound of her songs transports images of beauty and pain, while her slight and smoky voice adds a refreshing note.

Capitan Tifus


Morbide Mutanten: „Hauptsache es blinkt!“

Musicperformance | 45 min

Anna Bernhardt, Aline Bosselmann, Christian Pohl,  Stella Oppelland, Jannes Profitlich, Sebastian Kemper

The machine's noise, which has become the impulse generator of human being, is drowned by love-songs and irrelevant amusement. The morbid mutants try to approach this conflict in their music-performance. Pictures and music merge into an audio-visual general view. Live-music encounters sound-collages. Adorno's texts encounter auspicious Hollywood hits. Absurd and gloomy characters clash in a world that doesn't seem to be theirs. Animation meets inactivity, fun is related to horror – apparently contradictory things are combined.

Fanfare "Hugo Ferron & the chicken pussies"

Hugo Ferron & the Chicken Pussies is the fanfare of the Circo Paniko. It is a mix of a cumbiagipsyskafunk experience that wants to bring the concept of party in every kind of situation. Assembling with other artists and having a very good FIESTA, that is the devise. We believe in Hugo Ferron!

Pepe Le Moko: “Breaks, Drum & Bass, Mash Up, Reggae.”

Stagnation means Death. This fact is well known by Barrio Katz and Jazz K Lipa, who have been touring, under the name of Pepe le Moko, for ten years now. Musically they keep rotating around the disco globe: “global dancehall mash-up” in it's best meaning. They're neither afraid of space nor time – funk meets reggae, rock’n’roll is mixed with drum’n’bass and chart-hits meet baile funk. And: there is a method to this madness – it’s called “live remixing”. Pepe le Moko take the best pieces of 50 years of pop-culture, they add plenty of chart-flavour, fat beats and season everything with exotic ingredients. They are squired by the young MC Dreadeye, who, with his remarkable voice, adds an instrumental flavour to the scene. In a threesome they create an exciting set of their own tunes, exclusive remixes and classical party-hits plus live-vocals and instruments.

Ricoloop: „”

Ricoloop coming from Berlin with his suitcase full of groove!!

He produces music live, in front of the audience with a loop machine.

It gives him the possibility to record music, layer by layer and to create complex musical ideas on the spot.

It’s a journey, which explores the world of music in a passionate, devoted and improvising way. Always open for many different music styles!! He records all his music in front of your ears and eyes, using all kind of different instruments like his voice, the bass guitar and keyboards. While his influences are wide and open he is using the electronic music as his main inspiration giving it an authentic organic touch, which is hard to forget.

He travels all around the world playing at many different venues such as festivals, clubs, sunset parties, school concerts, galleries and if you’re lucky you might join one of his spontaneous street jams. From the underground into your heart!

The Beez

The Beez furnished their house with touching, foolish, meaning everything or nothing pop- and rock-songs from all over the world. These songs cannot be bought anywhere – no! These four musical interior decorators edit and change these tunes as long as the unique sort of feeling, which perceives the special and classy Feng Shui of the Beez comes out. They feel at home at any kind of stage and for their constant moving from here to there they don’t need to take more than their voices, two guitars, an acoustic bass and an accordion. OK then, some costumes do these four colourful radiant, not old not young, people have in their suitcases too…