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Walkacts & Installation

Colectivo Oximoron: „LA CHAISE D’ANNIMATION“

Audiovisual expedition | Spain |

By and with: Aaref Albasha and Mateo Fumero 

The animation-chair allows viewing a sequence of composed and animated pictures. Objects, paintings and further elements compose a surrealistic landscape. The crack handle attached to the chair enables the viewer to control the speed with which he or she travels through the landscape and therewith allows a completely individual and self-determined experience.



Performance | Sat and Sun  

By and with: Cora Frost and members of the Frost-family

Get lost. Become a “brides on the run”-member. Lose your capitalistic grounding, lose your sex, lose your family, lose your house of stone, lose your name. Dance to the sad songs of capitalism, get a nomad, run away. Plant some radish naked. Dance. Get a bride on the run. Amen.




Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V.: „Feuergarten“

Installation and performance by Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. | 240 min

In a permanent installation the Kultur-Cosmonouts will convert the area by the means of fire and musical interpretation.

The nocturnal poetic transformation of hidden places and trails will invite to linger, immerge and dream cloaked in a see of burning lights.




Felix Bonowski: „Proximity/Repulsion, andere“

Interactive video-installation | Salon de Baile | outside | Fri, Sat, Sun night

The video installation by Felix Bonowski invites the visitor to let his/her body enter into an interaction with a minimalist and abstract virtual world. To encounter reactions on movements, explore new figures and experience the poetic play with shades and graphics based on natural patterns of movements.

Percy & Komplizen: „Crossminigolf“

“Exercise is a must!” - in public space (or it's passing annexation), to enjoy life and personal needs on the full. What seems to be more appropriate than to proceed the theme with a golf-club in your hands? You get the chance to explore the Kulturkosmos-area between hangars, theatre and good music. You can show your talent or your failure – no matter what, hopefully everyone can laugh with you!

Theatergroep Het Meubiliar: „Bar in a Box“

Mobile-performance | Netherlands | daily 

Het Meubilair: Merel Kamp, Miranda Kolvoort, Laura Stam

It is hot, you are thirsty and the bar is far away. Right at that moment a big cardboard box comes shuffling by. There are three pairs of legs sticking out from underneath, and there is written BAR on it in big letters. Are your prayers being heard?

There is a door in the box, and you can open it... What are you waiting for? Go in and be surprised!

Bar in a box is the smallest and most cosy bar in the surroundings. Only one person at a time can enter, because it is already pretty crowded inside. But be careful, not everything is what it seems to be in this bar…