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Family & Kids

Antje Binder: „Rumpelstilzchen“

Puppet show | 40 minutes

This Rumpelstiltskin is a strange but friendly guy – in a certain way some mephistophelian character. In fact he wants to be evil, but somehow Marie, the miller’s daughter, accomplishes to soften him and convinces him to help her to turn simple straw into pure gold. The performance by Antje Binder animates all kind of audience – children as adults – to participate in the minimalist but memorable show.

Figurentheater Eigentlich: „Alle seine Entlein“

Kid’s Theatre | 45 minuten

By and with: Kristina Feix and Birte Hebold

Actually, Konrad wanted to eat roast duck. But then he meets the chick Lorenz, which chooses him to be his dad. This play tells a wonderful story about fondness, about foxes and chicks, children and parents – a touching and sensual piece for young and old.

Florian Feisel: Der Herzkasper

Kid’s theatre for fearless ones from 6 years | 50 Minuten

By and with: Christoph Bochdansky, Florian Feisel, Anette Geelen Christoph “Mäcki” Hamann, Antje Töpfer, Camilla Wexels.

Moving somewhere between classical hand-puppet-theatre and modern video performance ♥Kasper renews the range of contemporary figure play. The play mixes the traditional Kasper-ensemble with medial pictures of the modern tv world and: Kasper goes reality-tv.

Kolonastix: „Die fürchterlichen Fünf“

Kid’s theatre from 4-10 years | 40 min

By and with: Jule Torhorst, Angela Hundsdorfer, Florentine Schora

Four incredibly ugly animals live together under a bridge. Toad, rat, spider and bat feel expelled and neglected by the other animals. They feel sorry for themselves and argue a lot. Until, one day, the hyena appears and with its attitude changes everything … At the end, there is nothing but dancing, singing and celebrating – so wonderful that the fox even forgets to eat the duck.

Theater im Karton: „Geschichten aus der Vorstadt des Universums“

Theatre for children from 4 years | 75 minutes 

With: Ralf Bartho, Tina Clauß, Theresa Ehrenberg, Johanna Gliesing, Paul Josiger, Henriette Kutscha, Claudia Krüger, Tommy Neuwirth, Leonie Reese, Marcel Schmidt and Cordula Schmitt. 

WELCOME TO THE STORE OF DREAMS. The Theatre in a cardboard box, realized by architects and painters from Weimar, plays a piece for children according to works by author Shaun Tan. In an interaction of acting, an animated stage setting, live painted image-projections, video-sequences and live music the stories of “the periphery of the universe” develop. Magic tales full of little dispensable things are formed: who did ever see a whale in a puddle? Or a giant in the middle of the city? The apparently unimportant things invite us to a journey: we have to research – and to find out.