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Arkeolog8: „1up“

Dancing performance | Sweden | 20 minutes

By and with: Josefine Alfredsson, Clara Björck, Camilla Reppen, Camilla Walkov and Tarika Whalberg

Do you have control? How many lives do you have? Can you outperform the high score? Inspired by videogames, 1up is concerned with life and it's handicaps. The five Swedish dancers are jumping in virtuoso from level to level. Absolutely record-breaking! 

au ments: „MALASOMBRA“

Dance and theatre performance with shadows and objects | Spain, Chile | 50 minutes

By and with: Andrea Cruz-Tomeu Gomila, Magda Tomás, Caty Carrasco and Tomeu Gomila.

MALASOMBRA combines dancing performance and visual theatre – it invites to slip into the dark and lucid sites of human beings. It is inspired by the marvellous story of Peter Schlemihl – a romance novel written by Adelbert von Chamisso. The production includes elements from video arts, object- and shadow-theatre and experimental rock music.

Cia. La Corcoles: „gris”

Tightrope dance, circus | Spain | 30 minutes

By and with: Andrés Melero, Mariona Moya 

„Gris“ is dancing circus, gesture and poetic performance. It is a tightrope dance as only seen in dance theatre and tells an intimate and delicate fairy-tale for everyone. A gentle and personal story for audience of every age – told on a rope.




Cie. D'Icidence: „CHUT!“

Dance performance | France | 60 minutes

By and with: François Daniel, Loïc Esnault, Adrien Levesque, Julien Fihey Carine Fourcade, Gildas Gautier, Hélène L’Hours, Mickaël Papazof, Céline Rouleaud, Mathieu Saget, Marie-Annie Vitard.

This play describes facts of conflicts and loneliness, which result from language that is in process of formatting. Nonetheless the play operates with deficient vocabulary of our language and tells how lonely one can become when it gets too abstract and incomprehensible. 

It is a comedy, mixed with elements of swinging dance – it's about having a look on our world, with it's faults, it's dramas – it's about speaking jokingly about serious things. Laughing about our own ridiculousness. Because laughing never is in vain.

Çiplak Ayaklar Kumpanyasi: "Mehmet Loves Peace"

Dance | Turkey | 40 minutes

Concept: Mihran Tomasyan. Performer: Öyküm Erdoğan, Duygu Güngör, Melih Kıraç, Aslı Öztürk, Mihran Tomasyan. Light and technik:  Cem Yılmazer. Sound und Videotechnik: Ezgi Kaplan. Technik: Cihan Kuşçu- Tourmanagement: Pınar Başoğlu 

„Mehmet loves peace” is an incomplete play inspired by Mehmet Tarhan. It is not about his life, but about militarism, violence and persecution. Death caused by wars. In a country in which violence and nationalism are constantly increasing, the play intents to remind the audience on something Mehmet once said: „Because people don't just die like that.“ 

Çiplak Ayaklar Kumpanyasi: „YOU’RE NOT A FISH AFTER ALL”

Video performance | Turkey | 40 minutes

Concept/ realisation/ performance: Mihran Tomasyan
Design: Cem Yılmazer
Poem: Oktay Rifat „Ahmet“
Music:  Mahmut Celalettin, Neva Hicaz Gazel, Rouben Hakhverdian, Bzdig Navag (Küçük kayık)
Tourmanagement: Pınar Başoğlu

You can try to block the water's actual way: you can pile up sand bags or build a wall. But no matter what you do, water finds a crack and keeps flowing freely passing every obstacle. 

The play tells the story of those who transform the water's journey into their own and wonder along all kinds of water: A suitcase is opened and things come out which will surely find their own cracks.

David Fernandez: „contra las cuerdas”

Dance | Spain | 20 minutes

He plays his cello against the rest of the world. He dances against words, which so often have let him down. If he had resigned he would have never understood. He plays in self-defence. With live ammunition. Do-re-mi! His body collides with the four strings. Body. Respiration. Playing kids in the park. Everything is cello. Everything! 



Fabrik company: „PANDORA 88“

This performance is canceled.


Silke Z / Resistdance: „Happy Birthday – it´s a celebration“

Dance-theatre | 80 minutes

By and with: Silke Z. and Caroline Simon

A woman celebrates her birthday. Everything is prepared, arranged, decorated and planned in every detail. Champagne and beer are cooled. The music is on. Guests can come. 

“Happy birthday” is a play that has an unknown denouement. Like in a well-mixed cocktail the current rules of partying like the host's emotions are mixed-up again and again. In that way a tragic-comical party-mix made of dance, pop-music and drama develops. A play that next to celebrating life always narrates things of fugacity and loneliness, that fluctuates between dream and desire between euphoria and crapulence.

Tanzland Rostock: „scanning“

Dance | 50 minutes

By and with: Charlotte Behrend, Tabea Franck, Daria Hasse, Frida Maxi Krüger, Sarah-Marie Knippschild, Annabel Kock, Peter Mann, Helene Nozon, Lena Perleth, Ellena Rabe-Maticevic, Lena Schoof, Eileen Timm, Mirjam Perkuhn, Nane Petzold, Maria Zendeh, Inken Wieting.

Is someone who looks at another interesting person for more than two seconds a scanner? It depends on the definition. The main subject here is curiosity. And so it does not astonish that the play begins with a journey. The play’s scenes soon begin to smell and taste like inspired by George Orwell. Control of humans and media, of society and privacy, within an obscure and invisible device, including people's education to become compliant patriots, who more likely feel fear than patriotism. 

The dance-performance “scanning” describes in keen, sometimes funny, then magic and provoking pictures the involvements between the ambition for security and infinite freedom.

von Magnet: polarized

Dance performance | France 

By and with: Flore Magnet, DefDef, Hugues Villette, Tit'o, Lisa May, Séverine Krouch and Nicolas Triouzeau 

VON MAGNET for the first time presents its new sound design: the Cajacuerdas. The percussion boxes get constantly moved around the stage by the actors, who in doing so, recreate scenery and room of the performance with every step they take. VON MAGNET keeps dreaming of the existence of alternative paths, narrow and tiny, but present. Impressively they prove that electronic music can be filled with flaming passion and digital humanness. Multicultural odysseys are explored by cyber-sufies and flamenco-mutants.