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Current information

All information connected to the tickets can be found separately under “tickets” on the front page. Furthermore it can be useful to have a look on the website of the Kulturkosmos. There you can find unlimited information about the cosmos and its projects.


Please leave your dogs, cats, guinea pigs, gold fish and all other pets at home! The entire festival area is off-limits for dogs. This is a demand of the animal welfare society. We can recommend the animal hotel in your local neighborhood or the “Tierpension TÖWE” in Röbel, with movement and new friends for EUR 10,- per day. More information under 039931 / 5 20 38.

Barrier free access

The festival takes place on level ground nearly everywhere. There are no steps at the entrances of the hangars. The places of event are connected to each other through a sand path with a reinforced surface. At the entrances of the backstage, beside the work- and info point, you will find a chemical toilet which can be entered in a wheelchair. A further one can be found in the sanitation area between the Tubebox and the Luftschloss. This toilet can be flushed. If you have the letter “B” in your disabled pass, the accompanying person has free access to the festival.


The camping site will be opened from Friday, 12.00 and lies directly beside the festival grounds – without body check, fence or further reentering control. You should have left the festival grounds till 12oo on the Wednesday after the festival. Camping is for free. There is no electricity on the camping site. If you rather would have a comfortable accommodation, we can only recommend the local tourist information: Röbel | Mirow | Rechlin.

Children and Teenagers

The entrance for Children who are up to 12 years old is free. Children who are older than 12 do pay the full admission charge. The at.tension is perceived as family festival and of course we expect of all those coming with kids that they are aware of the responsibility and take care of their kids themselves.


Who does not just come to enjoy the festival, can help us! The at.tension#4 can just be realized in a collective process. We call you up to work a little and to make the festival possible with concentrated forces. We are looking for help at the installation, at the bars, for decoration, for handicrafts and technicians. The recruiting-bureau for groups and lone warriors as for now are open 24/7. You just have to send an E-mail with your contact-information at: kollektiv[at]
If you already bought your ticket, you still have the possibility to reduce your festival-experience by your personal commitment. If you think you are responsible and you are willing to support us by 8 hours practical work on the festival, you can answer us by now at theater[at] For this support we do compensate your admission charge after your shift-work.


In the festival guide you find all information which is important for your visit to the festival, besides a map and a timetable of the acts. You will receive your festival guide for free at the entrance with your entrance lace.


If you don´t want to bring your own food, there will be a large variety of food both at the "Seebühne" Drinks are availeble at the bars.


You enter the festival on your own account. We are not liable for material damage which may occur for instance through an artists show.


Nazis, chauvinists and racists have no access to the festival and will stay outside.


We would very much like to ask you to develop a responsible usage with your pictures, so that the right on the own picture is not being misused.

Posters and propaganda

We printed posters and postcards for the at.tension#4. If you do have the occasion to dispense this material, send us your address and you will receive your at.tension-package. Don't forget to mention your capacities. The contact-address for propaganda-material is flyer[at]


Please send your requests directly at presse[at]

Rubbish deposit

The rubbish deposit unlike for the fusion-festival is not upraised for the at.tension. But everybody gets a rubbish bag at the entrance – and we ask you when you depart to throw it in the therefor destined containers . Even better it is of course not to produce too much of rubbish.

Safe-Area/ Lost & Found

Things lost can be found here. If you have lost something, you can inform yourself here: safe[at] .


There is a shower-station behind the Luftschloss: here you will find warm showering cabins and a beach volleyball field.
The festival will open on Friday 12.00. You will only then be able to put up your tents. The program will start Friday 16.00.


This year there's a bus-shuttle from and to Neustrelitz – just as in the years before.

Spread the word!

You are welcome to get active for the at.tension#4 in the web, within contributions in blogs or news at friends and in (social) networks.

at.tension # 4 in the web: 

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40,-€uro Festival-ticket inclusive Camping

Box office
one-day-ticket 20 €uro
festival-ticket inclusive camping 45 €uro

For further Questions concerning your tickets please contact tickets[at]

The advance-booking is possible up to 1st of September: who orders his/her ticket up to this date and remits the money up to the 5th – gets his ticket deposited at the cash-box (we do not dispatch tickets anymore). Tickets can only be canceled up to 5th of September!!


There are several toilet areas on the camping site, where chemical toilets stand in a row. They are being emptied three times a day, using them is for free. On the tubebox you can find the “WC royal”, which are water toilets which can be flushed. These toilets are being taken care of and cleaned. They cost 50 cent per usage. The profit goes to projects needing our support. 


Water container and bottles can be filled with drinking water for free at the shower tower and at the drinking water sites. There will be water bars on the big dance floors giving you drinking water for free.