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Collective attension#4

Spread the word!

You are welcome to get active for the at.tension#4 in the web, within contributions in blogs or news at friends and in (social) networks.

at.tension # 4 in the web:



Who does not just come to enjoy the festival, can help us! The at.tension#4 can just be realized in a collective process. We call you up to work a little and to make the festival possible with concentrated forces.

We are looking for help at the installation, at the bars, for decoration, for handicrafts and technicians. The recruiting-bureau for groups and lone warriors as for now are open 24/7. You just have to send an E-mail with your contact-information at: kollektiv[at]

If you already bought your ticket, you still have the possibility to reduce your festival-experience by your personal commitment. If you think you are responsible and you are willing to support us by 8 hours practical work on the festival, you can answer us by now at theater[at] For this support we do compensate your admission charge after your shift-work.

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