Performance - Spectacle - Dance - Theater

An unusual theatre, performance and dance festival enters it’s second round with at.tension#2:
From the 14. through the 16. of September 2007, 34 international artist collectives will transform the former russian military airbase near the Müritz into a gigantic stage on which theatre leaves it’s usual venues, dusts off and is transformed into a diversified, refreshing and lively happening.
2007 puts a special focus on young, spanish artists from the field of pupetry. We have gathered young artists from Catalonia in the featured series ¡ALEGRÍA!, in synch with the theme of the Frankfurt

Book Fair and in cooperation with the Schaubude Berlin and Lindensfels Wesltflügel from Leipzig. The featured groups experiment virtuously and playfully in the twilight zone between puppetry, visual and performance art.
This year’s festival offers many premieres, among them the highly anticipated „The King of Loneliness“ of the Playground collective. Two further premieres from young student directors (Hamburg, Gießen) as well as from the winners of the jury and audience award of the 10. Heidelberger Theatertage are also a part of the program.

The theatre grant of the Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. has been issued to the Institut für Überlebensstrategien (including among others members of Grotest Maru) this year. Their performative installation will have it’s premiere on the 14. of September at 18.00. These events stand in good company with the intriguing productions of such well known names as Derevo, RatzelRoller, Das Helmi, posttheater or Maren Strack.
The at.tension Crew invites you to partake in a beautiful and eventful happening.